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Organic Spotify playlist campaign [Small]

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Small sized organic campaign for spotify music promotion.
Part Number: O-SC-S

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Increase the amount of streams or plays your Spotify track has by adding it onto a playlist that generate organic streams.

- organic campaign
- huge potential
- weeks of consistently pushing your track forward
- noticeable results
- long term growth
- stats remain forever
- increases track popularity dramatically
- could help in getting your track noticed by the Spotify editorial team
- verified through Spotify for Artists
- boost your stats significantly

- your song is not guaranteed to be added, only guaranteed to be heard by a large number of small-medium sized curators.
- results are not as significant as the larger organic options.
- you will not receive a refund if your song is not added.
- submit only high quality music, please.
- great paired with other organic and non organic options

Submit your song to Playlist Push and save 7.5% with the code: 97Q9QRW 

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